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The disease responsible for Kauri Dieback!

Griselinia Dieback (Phytophthora spp.) is a soil-borne pathogen that causes the roots to rot, slowly killing whole branches, new growth and eventually the entirety of the tree or hedge. Also known as Root Rot, this disease is responsible for Kauri Dieback and Dieback of another 63 common landscaping plants.

 Prevention and Cure:

Dieback can be cured and prevented using various methods, the best being keeping your hedges trimmed, pruned, fertilised, and watered regularly, as healthy hedges are less susceptible to diseases or pest infestations.

SprayTek’s proven treatment is:

  1. We spread a natural additive on the soil beneath the plant which stimulates root growth and acts as a fungicide below the surface, protecting roots from Dieback and other soil-borne diseases.
  2. We then drench the hedge and the soil beneath with a fungicide commonly used in the Vineyards of France, killing any of the disease that has made its way into the foliage.
  3. Finally we sprinkle a fertiliser which changes the soils composition to the detriment of Dieback Disease and the benefit of the hedges growth.

The above process has a 99% success rate – provided the hedge still has some leaves remaining.

It is much more economical than replacing your hedging once it’s dead, which entails spraying the soil for disease, removing the stumps, mulching the area, and planting new hedging specimens.

Do your Griselinia look sick?