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Here’s how your Buxus can be cured from Disease

Have you got Buxus dieback? Are you concerned about losing a slow growing and established Buxus in your garden?

Caused by pathogens that spread largely by rainfall and trimming equipment

Many people have given up trying to cure Buxus as retail chemicals don’t work or their contractors lack the qualifications and ‘know how’ to cure plants or would prefer the lucrative job of ripping them out to replace them with new plants.

The solution…

As you will agree, everything has a weakness and Buxus dieback isn’t an exception. 

These pathogens are easily killed with a few fungicides and fertilisers applied in the correct manner to increase new growth and replace old leaves, encourage the plants root system for sustained results and kill existing pathogens in the soil and around the plant.

The proven methods Spraytek uses to stop your Buxus dying and bring them back to full health are based on the paractices  of various horticultural industries such as Kiwifruit and wholesale nurseries, then tweaked and trialed over the pasted few years on properties in Remuera, Parnell and Herne Bay. 

1 month after the first Buxus dieback treatment

Received a flyer from us? We very selectively drop flyers in letterboxes of properties we’d like to work for, if you’re reading this the chances are that you are one of them which means you’re eligible for the $150 fertilising service for your entire garden and lawn with all Disease and insect treatments. Offer expires 27/08/21

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P.S. The fertiliser used is New Zealand’s highest grade fertiliser imported from Europe and formulated to contain the most import nutrients for your plants. You can expect everything to be a lot greener after the application!

P.P.S. We guarantee the results of our treatment plans and look forward to talking with you soon.