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The tiny green sap sucker that can wreck havoc on your plants!

 Aphids are sap sucking pests which can cause the spread of diseases and weaken the vigour of the plants. Most commonly Aphids are green, but they can also be black, orange, red, white and woolly, and are usually 2-4mm long.

Picture: Orange Aphid
Picture: Red Aphid

They often cluster together on new plant growth or underneath older leaves, excreting a sugary substance called honey dew. Honey dew can attract wasps into your garden, as well as provide ideal growing conditions for sooty mould, a black mould that covers leaves and branches. After eradicating Aphids and other sap sucking pests from your garden, sooty mould tends to disappear.


  • Buds may fail to open
  • Leaves become twisted and distorted
  • New growth may be stunted or die off
  • Wilting of leaves


The alternating use of insecticides Myclobutanil and Tau-Fluvalinate as a foliar spray every few months will prevent infestations and kill any sap suckers present.


Alternating foliar spray of Thiacloprid and Imidacloprid as directed by product instructions. 


Spreading compost

Compost carries good bacterias essential for decomposition of debris and soil health.

Natural fertilisers

– Fish,

– Seaweed

– Blood & Bone etc.

By staying vigilant to these sap sucking pests, they can be prevented from entering your garden and destroying the vigour of your plants. Keep the tiny buggers out!

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