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Arney Road

This project involved looking after a low line of Buxus hedges with teired bay trees and camelia. We saved a number of the Buxus which were suffering from Phytopthera. New growth is greener and more lush. Our client has since seen other plants thriving around the hedges too!

Bridgewater Road

We identified Myrtle Rust on a number of boundary hedges. We treated the disease with a varying treatment cycle across three months. New growth is healthy and the client is happy not to lose privacy given by the large hedge!

Tainui Road

Three houses within the span of 500m had major damage caused by Myrtle Rust. When we took a closer look, we found that there were a variety of other pest insects which had already targetted the hedge due to it’s lower plan immunity. Looking through the garden beds, we noticed other plants which needed our help too.

Lake Road

Our client came to us with a problem hedge which had been growing slower every year. We diagnosed the issues and found that there were high numbers of Scale, Psyllid and Myrtle Rust throughout. See the transformation

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