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Our Services

We are specialists in hedge and plant treatments. We have a range of solutions to bring your garden back to full health and lush greenery.

Diagnose – We work with you to find the best time to go over your property together. We then identify the problems with the plants and map out a treatment plan.

Quote & plan – After a site visit and initial meeting, we will give you the complete set of costs involved and schedule a programme for your specific treatment plan.

Treating & Spraying – we work with you to find the most suitable time to work around your property.

Invoicing & organisation– once the work has been completed, our detailed invoice will be sent to you with information on the current and next treatment. At this point we schedule the next treatment.

Powdery Mildew

Sooty Mould


Scale White Spots

Borer Beetle


Mealy Bugs


Passionvine Hopper